donderdag 14 maart 2013


We think too much
and feel too little.
We need humanity
more than we do machines.
We need gentleness and kindness
more than we do intelligence
Without these gifts life will be violent
and everything will be lost.
Bob Delbecque


zondag 10 maart 2013

Happiness at Work matters. Really.

Keys to Happiness at Work

Have you even been bored to wake up, to get out of your bed to go to work? 
How did you perform on this uninspiring day? 
How great was your creativity? 
How kind were you to your colleagues, to your customers? 
How much did you want to get back for another inspiring day?
It was this kind of days to forget as soon as possible I guess...

Happiness at work matters. Really. 

Unhappiness at work costed 350.000.000.000$ to US companies in 2012. It's 15% more than in 2011. Beside these impressive figures, Gallup Engagement Survey shows that unhappy employees are twice more sick, 6 times more absent,. Other surveys or scientific / academic works demonstrate that unhappy workers are 45% less creative. On the opposite, happy employees are 9 times more loyal to their company and perform 10 to 31% more than disengaged colleagues. 

And happiness at work is for everybody. Whatever your age. Whatever you're doing. Take a look at this great video...

Happiness at work. It matters. For you too.

How happy at work are you? How happy is your organisation? How happiness at work influence your business results? These were questions adressed during our Business & Optimism workshop of Februari 2013.

We ask to Bart Lambrechts, HR Director from Carglass Belux to tell us about his experience. Carglass motto is "delight". Employee delight. Customer delight. And at the end, shareholders delight. Their vision is "To be the natural choiceand the reference in service, we will exceed expectations by delivering a caring,  unforgettable  automotive glass service experience; anytime, anywhere".

Carglass, market leader in the vehicle glass repair, employees are 98% to declare themselves happy at work. Once again in 2013, they were ranked in the top 5 of the Great Place to Work in Belgium. 

98% of their customers are satisfied of the service they received and they are emotionally attched to Carglass. Carglass' positioning is impressive : they don't want to repair glasses. Carglass want to take care of the customer. They are rewarded in February 2013 with the Truck Safety Award, one of the most prestigious logistic awards. They also won the award of the Logistics Project of the Year 2013". Bart Lambrechts is short listed for the award of the HR Manager of the Year. On the hard side of the world (meaning facts and figures), Carglass achieved 208mi€ of turnover in Belux in 2012, with 800 employees. They are in permanent growth since 2005. 

Fabrice de Zanet, Ph. D and professor-assistant at the University of Liège described us how we can increase trust in the workplace. Trust is indeed the key to develop a human-centric organization. The most amazing part of his presentation was the link between the kind of culture and the kind of trust we can find on the different workplaces. Please find the full presentation here :

Happiness at work matters. A lot. More and More.

The International Organisation of United Nations proclaims March 20 "International Day of Happiness". That's why in Belgium, the first Happiness Day is the dreamt opportunity to gather all companies, leaders, politics, academics who have strong beliefs in Happiness. If you want to be part of this community, join It's free. Because money can't buy you happiness!  

If you're looking for some tips, I gathered some topics in a freshly publicized book : Happy RH. 
Take a look at it : 

The book covers several pillars you can work on while building a Happy Organisation : new generation of leaders, sustainable and human-centric performance indicators, advanced work environment, social media and collaborative platforms, new HR structure and roles, maHRketing, the end of the Rube Goldberg HR Machines, the era of Chief Happiness Officer. 
Happy reading!

We hope to see you on our next HR-Innovation & Business & Optimism on May 23! We'll discuss together, with Thomas Froehlicher, HEC_ULg Dean and Kosta Perric, Head of Innovation at Swift on how you can turn internal innovation into external growth. Registration :

Laurence Vanhée, Chief Happiness Officer