vrijdag 22 februari 2013

Agenda workshops 2013

FEB 27             9:30 – 13:30
Impact of positive culture on customers & power of management by trust
Speakers         Bart Lambrechts (HR Director of Carglass Belux)
                       Fabrice de Zanet (Ph.D at ULG HEC)
Animation        Laurence Vanhee

MAR 25           12:00 – 15:00
Creating added value through green innovation
Speakers         Erwin Olivier (General Manager Benelux Athlon Carlease)
                       Johan Goossens (Director Business & Marketing FostPlus.be)
Animation        Elke Jeurissen

APR 29            16:00 – 19:00
Multi-actor partnerships as a tool for innovation
Speakers         Lily Deforce (General Manager Fairtrade / Max Havelaar)
                       Olivier Vanden Eynde (CEO Close the Gap)
Animation        Elke Jeurissen

MAY 23           9:30 – 13:30
Internal innovation to unleash external growth
Speakers         Thomas Froehlicher (ULg HEC Dean and General Director) “The innovation at ULg HEC to build a better Society”
                        Konstantin Peric (Head of Innovation at Swift)
Animation        Laurence Vanhee

·         Each workshop gathers +/- 10 participants around 2 testimonials of people having already experienced important “optimistic” changes in their company. They share their experiences and highlight the positive impact of those changes.

·         We are convinced that optimistic companies will have more profitability and more value in the long run. An optimistic company is for Business & Optimism a company focused on having:

ü  Goals defined in terms of progress, response to needs, teamwork,... and aligned from shareholders to employees.
ü  A constant focus on the development and diffusion of a positive corporate culture.
ü  A constant openness towards new opportunities, partnerships and innovation.
ü  An ability to engage and mobilize all stakeholders around their project.
ü  A dynamic of sharing best practices and networks, with a belief that cooperation opens up opportunities.

·         Sharing experiences between peers is one of the best ways to positively and efficiently inspire leaders, giving them ideas and tools which they can implement within their own companies.

Business & Optimism supports Business Leaders in developing their projects

Practical information

Our workshops are open to all business managers, board members and committed shareholders.
·   Location: Avenue Van Bever 19 – 1180 Brussels
·   Fee: 330€ HTVA for members – 390€ HTVA for non-members
·   For inscription, all information contact us:  luc.teerlinck@businessoptimism.com

We remind you that the number of places is limited to 12 in order to increase experience sharing and interactivity.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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