dinsdag 5 februari 2013

Let me tell you a story ....

An old man sits on a bench in the park. He's the old wise man of the village.
Two children come running up to him and are kind of  making fun of him because
he's the old wise man.

One of the children says : "Look I've caught a bird and shows his … fist. You who know everything tell me, is this bird here in my fist alive or dead?"
The old man thinks : if I say that the bird's dead the kid will open up his fist and the bird will fly away – and I'll be wrong    -     if I say the bird's alive the kid is capable of squeezing the bird so it will drop dead right in front of me.  

And finally after long reflection he looks at the children and says : "The answer lies right there in your hand!" 

You are and you will always be the key of your own greatness!!
Bob Delbecque

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